Headquarters salon to experience the benefits of the AGO method ®︎ (Butterfly touch)

"AGO TOKYO SALON" located in Aoyama, Tokyo, is the only salon where you can receive treatment by Mr. Yuasa, founder of the AGO method ®︎ (Butterfly touch).In addition to Mr. Yuasa, the salon is staffed by AGO therapists who have acquired first-rate skills to provide professional treatments.The treatment is available by appointment only. Please contact us if you wish to have a treatment in Tokyo. We will connect you with the best therapist for your problem.


Feature Salon Features




We build a custom-made treatment plan according to your goals and objectives.
We provide guidance and treatment based on a thorough knowledge of your body's condition so that you can perform at your desired level on a daily basis.



You will receive treatment in a detox space with Ryukyu Tatami mats. The natural light creates a relaxing environment.
The treatment will be more effective if you relax your whole body and let your parasympathetic nervous system dominate the treatment.

Menu offerings


AGO tailor-made treatment program

This is the only treatment plan that Agotaku, with 60,000 patients treated, offers.

For those who are highly conscious of beauty and health and want to have a body makeover, mainly fitness models, Instagrammers, professional athletes, actresses, medical professionals, executives, etc., we offer a tailor-made program combining the three methods of AGO (Golden Face Line Method, Built-in We offer customized programs that combine the three AGO methods (Golden Face Line Method, Internal Manupilation, and Perfect Alignment).
*Of course, as a Seitai salon, we can also provide treatments to relieve your physical pain.


Customer Introductions



Fitness Model Toxicology Salon Management

Ms. Manami Fujino

Activity Results

  • ・2021 NPCJ BIKINI model first GP
  • ・2020 SSA Saitama champion, Japan runner-up
  • ・2019 SSA Overall champion
  • ・2019 SSA Japan Competition Tokyo Tall 1st
  • ・2018 SSA NOVICE OVERALL Winner

Dr. Ago helped and supported many students, both physical and mental.
Distortion of the body is distortion of the mind. I really don't know why it doesn't hurt, it's a real mystery to me whether I take it or not, but thanks to his treatment, my waist became even thinner and 54.5!* My waist and face became even thinner and smaller even though I gained weight and muscle mass.

What made me most happy was that he cured the intense distortions, twists, and habits that had been a longtime problem for each of his students. They all went to the teacher and came to lessons under me, so much so that I was no longer ranking their distortions, but they were cured! I got a neckline! The pain is gone! I was more than happy to see them happy.
It was the teacher who helped me maximize my balance and attractiveness, which could not be corrected by posing alone.!!
I gave him a lot of orders, or rather, I gave him a lot of trouble and hardships this time, especially because I was reckless and often hurt my body. I can only thank him for fixing me up and letting me practice again.


~From Agotaku~

We first met Manami when we saw her on AGO's Instagram. Manami is a strong person who won the grand prix at SSA while working in an office. She is a professional who makes her body look beautiful in posing movements.
At AGO, we are helping Manami to improve the performance of each function of her body, to build muscle efficiently, and to bring her body shape closer to symmetry, in accordance with her goals.
Manami is also a posing instructor and has taught many of her students how to correct their lives and how to be beautiful.

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    Postal Code 107-0061
    Room 302, 316 Aoyama, 3-1-6 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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  • Access

    8 minutes walk from Omotesando station
    5 minutes walk from Gaienmae

    The quiet Kita-Aoyama area is located one street off Aoyama-dori. Nearby are THE AOYAMAGRAND HOTEL, Meiji Jingu Shrine, and other tourist spots.

For those who wish to have the
treatment in the salon

  • Managers who have a strong desire to live a long and healthy life
  • Teachers in the health-related business
  • Women who want to be not only healthy but also beautiful
  • Actresses, dancers, athletes, etc.

We receive many inquiries from people such as those listed above.
Please feel free to contact us by filling out the form.