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We are wondering if there is anything we can do to help women who have doubts about the current working style of long hours and low pay, or who feel disconnected from society after marriage or childbirth, to achieve self-actualization.


I was a salaried worker, but after my training period at a Seitai clinic, I ran into a barrier to starting my own business.

He changed his career from a salaried worker after his own experience of improvement through Seitai. I trained while working at a seitai clinic, and when I was able to be entrusted with treating 20 to 30 patients a day, I began to ask myself questions while performing the treatment.
At that time, I was required to perform the treatments specified by the clinic where I was working, and although I had thoughts that I wanted to do more, or that I thought it would be better if I did this, I was unable to do so.
I had thoughts about how I wanted to do things better, but I could not do them.
After becoming independent, things did not turn out as I had expected, and after much agonizing, I traveled all over Japan in search of techniques that could truly heal patients' bodies and produce results, and I repeated my research.



Repeated research and the one and only technology discovered from the TMJ

While treating more than 400 patients a month, he conducted repeated verifications and realized that, based on the relationship between the TMJ and the autonomic nervous system, by adjusting the body, he could expect greater improvement than ever before and the speed of improvement would be much faster.
From there, he repeated hypothesis, verification, and disproof, reading all kinds of literature including anatomy, and continued his research on the relationship between the TMJ and the autonomic nervous system.



Doctors Learn! Inexperienced people are succeeding one after another!
The "Jaw Method" is finally available to the world!

I focused on the relationship between the temporomandibular joint and the autonomic nervous system, and improved the reproducibility of the technique so that not only I could do it, but also anyone could do it. I was published as a "TMJ and Autonomic Nerves Specialist," which led to offers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and other foreign countries to publish my work. In addition, our activities were introduced in the U.S. magazine "Forbes," and our activities have expanded to the world.
This "AGO Method ®︎" is the only all-hand method in the world that can not only adjust the face to a "plastic surgery level" but also regulate the autonomic nervous system by approaching the brain through the jaw joints.z



From utilizing the AGO method®︎ (Butterfly touch) to establishing a pathway for women to flourish.

Currently, the school members include not only therapists but also dentists, dental hygienists, estheticians, osteopaths, acupuncturists, trainers, hostesses, housewives, and many others.
The school's highly reproducible methods are proven to be effective, and people with no experience are learning the techniques one after another.

It is a treatment method that will grow not only in Japan but also in other countries. Our goal is to promote Japanese women's "attentive care," "courteous treatment," and "delicate fingering" to the world, so that Japanese female therapists can be active all over the world.
First of all, please feel free to come to our online consultation.
We believe that this will be a guide for women to live a life of self-realization as a "therapist" with a completely new technique that has never been seen before, and will be a catalyst for you to change your life. We look forward to your participation.


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    Offers from abroad!
    Specialized Methods for TMJ and Depression

    As a specialist in TMJ and depression, he was commissioned to publish the book, which was a worldwide hit and was published mainly in Taiåwan, but also in Hong Kong and Macau as well, due to its great popularity.



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    Also published in the U.S. magazine "Forbes"!
    Bringing Japanese Osteopathy to the World SEITAI!

    Forbes, a U.S. magazine that reports on world affairs, interviewed him as a therapist to watch, and reported that he would like to make Japanese osteopathy a culture as "SEITAI in the world.

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    Numerous collaborations with celebrities!
    Unparalleled Trust and Achievements

    Even Kohko Tsurumi, who competed in the Beijing and London Olympics, has praised his genuine techniques, saying that she can feel the changes in her body!
    She is also active overseas and has developed friendships with celebrities.

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    Doctors also learn!
    Techniques that get results" even with no experience

    While it is a specialized technique that even doctors come to learn, it is also easy to understand and can be learned by inexperienced people and women with limited strength.