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You can enjoy life more freely and greedily.



AGO Therapist School

AGO method Japan is a company that offers a message to women who work hard every day:
"You can enjoy your life more freely and joyfully!"
"You can enjoy your life more freely and freely!"
We want to convey this message to women who work hard every day,
AGO Therapist School is open to all hardworking women.

Our school does not simply want to teach only bodywork techniques.
We want Japanese society to be more energetic and joyful with the power of women,
We want Japanese society to be more energetic and joyful with the power of women!
And we want them to be active globally!
We want to do our best to support them.

More than people

In the five years since the school opened, the number of students who have attended our school has exceeded 350.


Even if you have no experience or knowledge, our school will help you become a popular therapist surrounded by fans in 6 months.


By studying at our school and becoming a top-notch therapist, you will be free from the restraints of long working hours.
※The average overtime hours for working women is 9.8 hours.

Many medical professionals recommend it.


元麻布ヒルズ メディカルクリニック院長 武藤 智香

“I think this method has the potential to solve the jaw problem.”

Hiroshi Murakami Dental Clinic Director

Hiroshi Murakami

元麻布ヒルズ メディカルクリニック院長 武藤 智香

“I, as a doctor, also felt the effect!It is a safe and secure procedure.”

Moto Azabu Hills
Director of Medical Clinic

Tomoka Muto


Technologies you can learn

AGO method ®︎
-Osteopathy of a global
standard using only hands-

The Mastering the "Butterfly touch" of the AGO Method® is the only all-hand technique in the world that can not only adjust the face in a "plastic surgery level" but also regulate the autonomic nervous system by approaching the brain through the jaw joints.

It is a specialized technique that even doctors come to study, yet it is highly reproducible and can be mastered by inexperienced people and women with limited strength.


Curriculum and Fees


  • 01

    It is a unique and one-of-a-kind technology that cannot be found anywhere else.Mastering the The "Butterfly touch" of the AGO Method® is

  • 02

    Learn the basics of marketing methods andLearn the fundamentals of branding that are effective in attracting customers

  • 03

    Skill development, management consultation, etc.Substantial follow-up programs after graduation

AGO method


Representative of AGO method Japan


Therapist Introduction

Instructors embodying
the philosophy

Therapists who graduate from our school are,
AGO method® throughout the country.

Therapist Introduction


Therapists who have mastered the techniques at our school are offering the AGO method®︎“Butterfly touch” throughout the country.



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