Hair and makeup + facial distortion improvement! Seek out the rare and valuable therapist!

Momoko Kaidou


After treatment, my esthetic clients were looking at before and after photos and were relieved and happy, but they were also surprised by the distortions in their own faces and bodies. As the practitioner, I felt frustrated and bothered that I couldn’t improve the distortions. Then a friend told me about Chika Sensei’s Instagram, and at first I didn’t know it was related to the distortions, but when I heard “the face is the culmination of bodily distortions,” it suddenly clicked for me and I thought “this is it!” So I decided to enroll in the school.

The techniques are of course incredibly skilled, but I was also able to learn about persona building and marketing, which are always great stimulation for me! And there is an environment where I can consult with fellow students and instructors about their perspectives on assessment and marketing, so I’m truly grateful. Even before the school, I was doing work I enjoyed, so there was no pain, but it was more like “work comes first, private life second.” But now my mindset has changed to “work as a means to fully enjoy my life (enrich my private life).”

I would recommend this school to anyone who hasn’t given up on their life yet and wants to truly savor it, but finds their current situation to be nothing but stress.