My life has changed 180 degrees! I gained freedom of time and money.

Seira Takara


I decided to enroll with my husband after consulting him, as I thought I could learn not only technical skills but also essential skills for becoming independent (branding, attracting customers, and management) with comprehensive support beyond just learning techniques. At the school, I learned the importance of “communicating.” In the past, when I worked at a massage parlor, I was honestly unable to engage with each customer individually due to the repetition of the same tasks every day. While studying at AGO, I had significantly more time to consider how to communicate in an easy-to-understand manner without using difficult words, such as how to engage with clients and how to bring out their “smiles.” This school truly offers a lot to learn beyond massage techniques. I will continue learning to bring smiles to my clients’ faces.(^^) My life has changed 180 degrees from before I enrolled!

I am no longer bound by time or money constraints as before, and the freedom has allowed me to spend overwhelmingly more conversation time with my husband. We no longer argue, and our marriage is harmonious. The teachers and fellow students at AGO do not abandon me but sincerely engage with me. I hope to build a foundation here and take a step closer to becoming the therapist I aspire to be.